Sunday, January 17, 2010

INSTALLING DRIVER r8187/Stacks-ieee80211 on UBUNTU only for ALFA-AWUS036H

Installing driver r8187

NOTE: Do not make any changes to the package/driver. (is already changed)
IMPORTANT NOTE:Ref. ALFA-AWUS036H + r8187/Stacks-ieee80211 on Ubuntu Karmic -
- The driver r8187/Stacks-ieee80211at the moment is not compilable, because this Kernel replaced the "old net_device API" structure with a new one called "net_device_ops".

sudo mkdir /usr/src/drivers
cd /usr/src/drivers
sudo wget
sudo unzip
cd rtl8187_linux_26.1010.0622.2006/
sudo patch -Np1 -i rtl8187_2.6.27.patch
sudo make
sudo make install­
For loaded/use your ALFA-AWUS036H, use this command:

sudo modprobe r8187
Alternative link for download driver:

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