Sunday, January 17, 2010

Enhanced Injection driver for Intel ipw3945

This is based on a driver made for testing purposes called ipwraw. It allows raw packet Tx/Rx with the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG adapter, it's raw mode only and can't be used for normal connections to the internet. ipwraw doesn't have wireless extensions, so this modification adds some to make it easier to work with programs like aircrack-ng, kismet, mdk, ...

New in ipwraw-ng 2.3.4:

•Added compatibility fixes for recent kernels (2.6.23 and newer)
•Fixed bug when setting 5.5 Mb/s rate with iwconfig
•Fixed bugs (I hope) in Makefile - it would report that old firmware versions were adequate and also had some cosmetic glitches
•Added set TxPower Wireless Extension. Now TxPower can be set using
iwconfig INTERFACE txpower TXPOWER
(INTERFACE is normally wifi0, or eth0; TXPOWER is a the value you want to set, min=-12 and max=16)

This version includes some fixes ported from ipw3945 driver. It should be more stable now...
Default speed was left at 54 MBit, you may want to lower it to 1 MBit before injection with iwconfig wifi0 rate 1M
You will have that configured automatically if you use airmon-ng from the aircrack-ng suite (changeset 847 or greater)
More information can be found on the included README.ipwraw-ng file.

Please contact JMF directly for questions regarding his driver:


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