Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fragmentation Attack

And another world premiere from me. First implementation of the Fragmentation Attack on Linux. This attack needs a special driver and card, that is able to handle the IEEE802.11 fragmentation correctly, your driver may not work or may need to be updated or modified. The output of this tool is a file in the aircrack-ng keystream format (.xor). The output can be used in the same way like the output of the chopchop attack in aireplay-ng. With that keystream you can build an ARP packet (arpforge-ng or packetforge-ng). This packet can then be injected into the target wifi system, generating either answers and/or fowarded packets increasing the IV count. For an example attack, see the README in the tarball. afrag has already been integrated into aireplay-ng, best idea is to get the aircrack-ng SVN version for the newest fragmentation attack code.


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