Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tutorial on using downloaded WPA_PSK rainbow tables with airolib

First I obtained the 33gig rainbow table from renderlab.net/projects/WPA-tables
A 7 gig table is also available but i opted for larger table took me 4 days.

Please keep in mind while doing all this decompression this is a 33 gig file so you need alot of space so I hope you are working with a 250gig hard drive like i am.

When file is downloaded you get wpa_psk-h1kari_renderman.tar.lzma first you have to extract the .lzma portion first i used 7zip sdk version on windows.
After downloading 7zip lzma version i put in C:/ root directory then pull up a
dos prompt cd point it to your 7zip lzma folder.

llzma.exe d "folder of the wpa_psk-h1kari_renderman.tar.lzma file"]

after file has been decompressed you will be let with

Now you have to decompress the .tar you can do this on you linux box but i did mine on my windows box with peazip.

I opened peazip and extracted the .tar and the end of the extraction you will have 9 folders these folders contain the pre-compiled Hashes.

That was the hard part now all you have to do is know what essid you are looking for I assume you are Auditing your OWN NETWORK because if you are not it is ILLEGAL jail time is at end of road.

now all you have to do is look in each folder you will find a file.txt it list the essid's associated for that folder.


airolib-ng "(testdb) <-- Database to be created" init

airolib-ng testdb import cowpatty " the essid file in the folder you want"

ex: airolib-ng testdb import cowpatty /mnt/sdb1/psk/ae-0/linksys

you will then get reading and writing to DB

now do a

airolib-ng testdb stats

you should see you Essid of choice and computed 100%

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