Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Spoon WEP for Noobs(those who Wish to be Lazy in Wifi)

SpoonWEP this tool is in BackTrack 3 and It Cracks WEP key in Few Clicks ,then i thaught this will help for Noobs ,who are unable to Crack WEP,

SpoonWEP for Noobs

This Video tutorial shows How to Decrypt WEP using SpoonWEP tool in BT3
Thanks to Shamanvirtuel who created This Tool .

Note: we will be doing client less Attack using Fragmentation Attack Technique

1) Make sure that ur Wifi card is in Monitor Mode
if u dont how to do this see below

wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor

2) airodump-ng ath0

3) Choose the AccessPoint(AP) u want to Decrypt WEP and Remember the Channel

4) Then copy the AP MAC address

5) Then Run SpoonWEP tool

6)In Victim MAC Paste the AP MAC Address.

7)Choose ur Network Card & my Interface is ATH0

8)Set the AP Channel Number

9) Set the Injection rate to maxium

10)Use Fragmentation and Forge Attack

11)Use 128 Bits key Length

12)Click launch wait for few Minutes u have Decrypted 128 Bit WEP key

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