Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The new MDK3 uses the osdep injection library from the www.aircrack-ng.org project. The Linux-dependant includes have been removed, mdk3 compiles and runs on FreeBSD and even Windows (Cygwin). For Windows you need special drivers, a possibly illegal DLL file and the cygwin environment. Please see the aircrack-ng website for details.

MDK3 has successfully been tested on the new mac80211 stack in kernel version 2.6.23 with the rt2x00 driver and a rt73usb card.

If you are a Linux user, just make, make install and have fun.
If you are a FreeBSD user, do the same, and report back to me, if it works correctly there.
And very important, don't forget to type mdk3 instead of mdk2 now ;)

MDK3 is licenced under GPLv2.
- Bruteforce MAC Filters
- Bruteforce hidden SSIDs (some small SSID wordlists included)
- Probe networks for checking if they can hear you
- intelligent Authentication-DoS to freeze APs (with checking for success)
- Beacon Flooding with channel hopping (can crash NetStumbler and some buggy drivers)
- Disconnects everything found (aka AMOK-MODE) with DeAuth and DisAssoc packets (Don't try this where they can kick your ass! ;D)
- WPA TKIP Denial-of-Service

MDK3 version 4
* Added high-speed MAC-Filter Bruteforce Mode (experimental)
-> Please test this on your APs and report back for optimzing and bugfixing, thanks!

MDK3 version 3
* Added a channel hopper for Amok Mode
* Added WIDS confusion mode
* fresh & bugfixed osdep included
* Fixed White- and Blacklisting again...

MDK3 version 2
* More Documentation
* Added -Wall to Makefile to always keep the code clean
* Fixed the Warnings produced by -Wall ;)
* Updated osdep
* Merged some patches from Andy Green to clean up the code
* Poured some holy water all over the code, because mdk3 is used by professionals
* Added intelligent Authentication DoS mode
* Fixed White- and Blacklist function in Amok mode (again!!!)

MDK3 version 1
* NOW USING OSDEP INJECTION from aircrack-ng project
-> mdk2 should now run on LINUX and FREEBSD (and soon more)
* Started writing some docs (now that mdk3 may soon run on Windows, the kids may need it, hehehe)
* Better Madwifi-ng handling
* Blacklist mode fixed

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