Monday, January 26, 2009


The new MDK3 uses the osdep injection library from the project. The Linux-dependant includes have been removed, mdk3 compiles and runs on FreeBSD and even Windows (Cygwin). For Windows you need special drivers, a possibly illegal DLL file and the cygwin environment. Please see the aircrack-ng website for details.

MDK3 has successfully been tested on the new mac80211 stack in kernel version 2.6.23 with the rt2x00 driver and a rt73usb card.

If you are a Linux user, just make, make install and have fun.
If you are a FreeBSD user, do the same, and report back to me, if it works correctly there.
And very important, don't forget to type mdk3 instead of mdk2 now ;)

MDK3 is licenced under GPLv2.
- Bruteforce MAC Filters
- Bruteforce hidden SSIDs (some small SSID wordlists included)
- Probe networks for checking if they can hear you
- intelligent Authentication-DoS to freeze APs (with checking for success)
- Beacon Flooding with channel hopping (can crash NetStumbler and some buggy drivers)
- Disconnects everything found (aka AMOK-MODE) with DeAuth and DisAssoc packets (Don't try this where they can kick your ass! ;D)
- WPA TKIP Denial-of-Service

MDK3 version 5
* Enhanced MAC-Filter Bruteforce Mode
* Another WDS/WIDS/WIPS Confusion Test
* Amok Mode supports QoS packets
* Michael Countermeasure Exploit (also known as TKIP QoS Exploit)
can shut down APs using TKIP encryption and QoS Extension with 1 sniffed and 2 injected QoS Data Packets.
* WPA-Downgrade Test - deauthenticates Stations and APs sending WPA encrypted packets.
With this test you can check if the sysadmin will try setting his network to WEP or disable encryption.
mdk3 will let WEP and unencrypted clients work, so if the sysadmin simply thinks "WPA is broken" he sure isn't the right one for this job.
(this can/should be combined with social engineering)

MDK3 version 4
* Added high-speed MAC-Filter Bruteforce Mode (experimental)
-> Please test this on your APs and report back for optimzing and bugfixing, thanks!

MDK3 version 3
* Added a channel hopper for Amok Mode
* Added WIDS confusion mode
* fresh & bugfixed osdep included
* Fixed White- and Blacklisting again...

MDK3 version 2
* More Documentation
* Added -Wall to Makefile to always keep the code clean
* Fixed the Warnings produced by -Wall ;)
* Updated osdep
* Merged some patches from Andy Green to clean up the code
* Poured some holy water all over the code, because mdk3 is used by professionals
* Added intelligent Authentication DoS mode
* Fixed White- and Blacklist function in Amok mode (again!!!)

MDK3 version 1
* NOW USING OSDEP INJECTION from aircrack-ng project
-> mdk2 should now run on LINUX and FREEBSD (and soon more)
* Started writing some docs (now that mdk3 may soon run on Windows, the kids may need it, hehehe)
* Better Madwifi-ng handling
* Blacklist mode fixed

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