Monday, January 26, 2009

Aircrack-ng 1.0rc2

Updating is recommended, there was a lot of bug fixes and improvments and 2 new tools were added: airdecloak-ng and tkiptun-ng. On Aircrack-ng, WPA bugs should be fixed and speed was greatly improved for computers that supports SSE2. Latest version of Airgraph-ng and Airoscript were included in this release.

Important note: It does not support peek drivers.


aircrack-ng: Added SSE2 supports (WPA cracking speed is improved a lot) thanks to nx5.
aircrack-ng: Fixed detection of the number of CPU (especially with recent CPUs).
aircrack-ng: Fixed long lasting WPA bugs: cannot find the key with SMP computers, wasn't exiting correctly, ...
aircrack-ng: Fixed usage of a dictionnary with WEP.
aircrack-ng: Now only display ASCII WEP keys when 100% of the hex key can be converted to ASCII.
aircrack-ng: You can now specify the number of threads for cracking even if you have a non-SMP computer.
aircrack-ng: Now output an error message if using -r and it wasn't compiled with sqlite support. It was a problem on some ubuntu.
airdecloak-ng: New tool to remove wep cloaked frames from a pcap file. For more details see
airodump-ng: Added kismet csv output support.
airodump-ng: Fixed power value display (for ath interface with a high number, more than 99).
airodump-ng: Can work on the new frequencies (allowed by frequency Chaos patch).
airodump-ng: Now display if the network has QoS enabled.
aireplay-ng: Fixed crash with too short packets (seen with zd1211).
aireplay-ng: Fixed STP usage in fragmentation attack.
aireplay-ng: Fixed bug with deauth attack.
airtun-ng: Fixed STP conversion.
airolib-ng: Added sample database in test/ directory.
tkip-tun: New tool to inject on WPA1 with QoS enabled networks. Full description: decrypt packets comming from the AP in a TKIP network, which uses QoS (ieee802.11e). It also breaks the MIC Key for sending packets towards the Client correctly encrypted and signed. Stores plaintext packet and keystream in seperate files.
airbase-ng: Several improvments ( See ).
airbase-ng: Added compatibility with some clients. added random source IPs and MACs for cfrag attack (-N) to evade simple flood protection.
airmon-ng: Fixed some 'unary operator expected' errors.
airmon-ng: Fixed channel number setting with mac80211 drivers.
airmon-ng: Recognition of 4 new chipsets: acx1xx, at76_usb, adm8211 and AR9001U (otus).
airmon-ng: Fixed some chipset naming inconsistencies between ieee80211 and mac80211 drivers.
airmon-ng: Fixed display of "airmon-ng check".
airmon-ng: Improved mac80211 driver handling.
airdriver-ng: Fixed madwifi-ng driver download URL.
airdriver-ng: Updated openSuse information.
wesside-ng: Fixed open() with O_CREAT that needs 3 arguments.
osdep: Added TAP/TUN MTU getter.
manpages: Fixed misspelled airserv-ng manpage filename.
manpages: Added Airbase-ng, Tkiptun-ng manpages.
manpages: Updated description of all manpages.
Makefile: Fixed errors when compiling on OSX 10.5.
Makefile: Now ensure that make 3.81 or higher (mandatory) is used when compiling on OSX 10.4.
Makefile: Only install airolib-ng manpage if airolib-ng is installed.
Makefile: Added 'make check' that tests key cracking against files given in test/ directory.
general: Fixed 'evalrev' on Solaris.
general: Fixed compilation on Sun SPARC.
general: Fixed compilation on some distribution (with a recent version of gcc) due to warnings (because of not getting the return value of some functions).
general: Several compilation fixes.
patches: Updated ath5k patches
patches: Added rt2570 patch (kernel 2.6.24).
patches: Updated madwifi-ng patch for r3745.
patches: Updated mac80211 patches.
patches: Added zd1211rw patch for 2.6.26, b43/b43legacy for 2.6.26-wl.
patches: rt73, r8187 patches for fedora kernels (should work on 2.6.27).
patches: Added Defcon 16 patch (more frequencies than the usuals) for ath5k called frequency Chaos.
patches: Added injection patch for rtl8187 (mac80211).
patches: Added a universal mac80211 fragmentation and injection speed patch.
GUI (windows): Fixed: Windows GUI gives "please specify dictionnary".

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