Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hacking Web Cameras

Hacking web cameras, or at least finding them on line and available in Google or MSN has never been easier. While companies continue to leave their security cameras open to the public, and indexable in Google or MSN, there is a lot of humor than can be obtained by watching security cameras, and any Internet connected web cam.

Sony SNC-RZ30 series is a web connected camera system in use by many companies. The Google hack is here and the MSN/Live hack is here.

There is a difference between the two search queries, MSN Live does not need as much information as the Google hack, but both are entertaining.

Mobotix is another widely used security Internet connected web camera system. The Google hack is here, and the MSN Live hack is here.

Webthru also has a simple Google hack and MSN hack to see what is happening on those systems as well. The Google hack is here, the MSN/Live hack is here.

The difference between the Google and MSN/Live hacks is one of language and putting together the search query, MSN/Live usually needs less information than the Google hack. Some of these MSN/Live hacks can lead to an interesting error output on the part of MSN/Live's return. That in its own right is interesting in the longer run.

Having a security camera system on the Internet is good, as long as there is a restricted series of IP addresses that can gain access to those systems. The sad part is that many companies do not think that their security cameras are available and open on the Internet, or that people will try to access them via Google. Well worth taking a look at the security around an Internet enabled camera system, just in case.

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