Thursday, August 06, 2009

Alfa AWUS036H & ­AWUS050NH / DRIVERS RTL8187, r8187, RT2800usb

Driver RTL8187/Stacks-­mac80211 (for ALFA-­AWUS036h)
­- These drivers are particularly suited for connections to the Internet, (more stable of r8187), and fully compatible with Network-­Manager 0.7 installed by default on Ubuntu 9.04.
­- Supports all encryption without problems. (open, WEP and WPA/WPA2)
­- With Compact­-Wireless, the "injection" and all "attack" of Aireplay-ng, are already supported without installing any "patch".

Driver r8187/Stacks-ieee80211 (for ALFA-AWUS036h)
- This driver is recommended for use with the Suite of Aircrack-ng, but not particularly suitable for Internet connections, as less stable and discontinuous at regular intervals.
- The r8187 is compatible with Network-Manager 0.7, installed by default on Ubuntu 9.04, and supporting the encryption OPEN and WEP (no WPA/WPA2)
- To establish links with WPA/WPA2 encryption, require a manual setup.
- The "injection" and all "attacks" of Aireplay-ng, are supported after installing the appropriate "patch".

Driver RT2800/Stacks-­mac80211 (for ALFA­-AWUS050NH)
­- Excellent stability of connection even with the lowest signals, and fully supported by Network­-Manager with all encryption. (open, WEP and WPA/WPA2)
­- With Compact-­Wireless, the "injection" and all "attacks" of Aireplay-ng, are already supported natively without installing any "patch".
­- For "spoffing" the mac­-address with "macchanger" is needed the driver rt2800usb.

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