Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Mac80211 is the new wireless stack of the Linux kernel. It is included in the kernel since 2.6.22, but drivers are only included since 2.6.24.

The following drivers use mac80211 (not all have been tested to work with aircrack-ng):

acx1xx (Acx)
adm8211 (ADMtek)
at76_usb (Atmel)
ath5k (Atheros A/B/G/Super-G)
ath9k (Atheros xspaN)
b43 and b43legacy (Broadcom)
iwl3945 (not to be confused with ipw3945/ipwraw)
iwlagn (formerly iwl4965)
libertas_tf (Marvell Libertas)
p54 (PrismGT in SoftMAC mode, but also supports FullMAC cards)
rt2x00 (includes rt2400pci, rt2500pci, rt2500usb, rt61pci and rt73usb)
rtl8180 (not to be confused with r8180 AKA r8180-sa2400, also supports RTL8185 cards)
rtl8187 (not to be confused with r8187 - RTL8187B supported in 2.6.27+)
zd1211rw (starting with 2.6.25)
In general, these drivers will mostly work with aircrack-ng, but there may be exceptions. Here is a list of drivers (with appropriate patches) that people have reported as working successfully with the aircrack-ng suite:

acx1xx (Acx)
b43 and b43legacy (Broadcom)
zd1211rw (no fragmentation attack support)

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