Monday, July 21, 2008

Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 with PwnageTool

When you don't want to depend solely on the official App Store to get your iPhone 2.0 applications, you want to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch—and less than two weeks after the iPhone 2.0 launch, it's easier than ever to do with your new device. The hard-working iPhone Dev Team released the jailbreak utility PwnageTool version 2.0.1 this weekend, and while it's not as one-step as ZiPhone, it still offers an easy GUI interface for the job. Let's take a look at the step by step for jailbreaking your iPhone 2.0 device with PwnageTool.

Warning: The 2.0 jailbreak is still relatively new, and does suffer from instability. While I successfully jailbroke my device this morning, I have experienced hang-ups and freezes trying out new apps, and I haven't had a chance to make sure every single feature on my device still works as it did pre-break. If you decide to jailbreak, proceed with the utmost caution and a full backup of your device's data.

What You'll Get
The 2.0 jailbreak will add an app called Cydia to your iPhone, which is the 2.0 version of Like, using Cydia, you can browse and install free iPhone apps not officially sanctioned by Apple. Right now pickings are very slim, but they're bound to expand over time. Update: Skip down to see what types of applications are available post-jailbreak.
You can still use the App Store as usual after you jailbreak your device—this just gives you more than one place to get iPhone apps. Apps you've already installed from the App Store still run on your device as well.

At this point in time the 2.0 jailbreak is still very young and the selection of applications is sparse for end users—so you may run into problems without much gain. If you're dead-set on jailbreaking right now, before you start, back up your device and be prepared for the worst. Alternately, you can hang in there and wait for things to get more stable, more apps to come out, and for developers to issue a one-step solution like ZiPhone was for the 1.0 software.

What You'll Need
To get your 2.0 jailbreak on with PwnageTool 2.0, you'll need an original iPhone upgraded to the iPhone 2.0 software, a new iPhone 3G, or an iPod touch upgraded to the iPhone 2.0 software. You'll also need a Mac since PwnageTool is Mac-only. Finally, you'll also need to download a few files: the PwnageTool itself, iPhone 2.0 firmware, and boot loaders.

As per the very helpful Mac OSx86 blog:

People with old iPhone V1 (2G) will need to download this firmware from Apple :
iPhone 2.0 (5A347) firmware for 2G (10121)
People with new iPhone V2 (3G) will need to download this firmware from Apple :
iPhone 2.0 (5A347) firmware for 3G (3883)
Please also download the bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6

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