Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The OpenCiphers Project

This sourceforge project is dedicated to exploring the uses of ASICs, FPGAs and other forms of programmable hardware with modern cryptography. Currently the project is headed by David Hulton through work that he is doing which is funded by Pico Computing, Inc. All of the cores and software provided are licensed under the BSD License and are primarily optimized for Pico's hardware platforms but can be easily adapted for any FPGA based systems. All of the performance specs and information provided is based off the Pico E-12 LO card which utilizes a Virtex-4 LX25 FPGA.

1/31/07 - OpenCiphers Official Release v0.1 added
I've finally got around to packaging together all of the finished projects available on openciphers so I figured I'd finally provide an official release. This tarball includes our Linux 2.6 driver for the Pico E-12, bit files which run the specific algorithms for the projects, the host source code, and additional features. Some improvements include automatically booting the correct bit file by name and support for cracking with multiple machines across a network.

Lanman/NTLM Brute-Force Password Recovery
SHA1/PBKDF2 WPA Brute-Force
Bluetooth Pin Cracking
FileVault Cracking
WinZip Cracking

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