Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Aircrack-ng 1.0 rc1

Important note: It does not support peek drivers.


airbase-ng: Multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the AP.
airbase-ng: Added replay tool for external packet processing feature.
aircrack-ng: Fixed: Displaying twice the wep key at the end and "Warning: Previous crack is still running".
aircrack-ng: Fixed detection of WPA handshake (was not working correctly in previous release).
aircrack-ng: Fixed PTW attack against QoS and WDS packets.
aircrack-ng: Added oneshot option to try PTW only once.
airodump-ng: Fixed channel numbers (Fixed "fixed channel" messages).
airodump-ng: Added frequency selection (-C).
aireplay-ng: Fixed injection on OpenBSD.
aireplay-ng: Fixed a rtc bug which freezed aireplay-ng in case /dev/rtc0 is not available.
aireplay-ng: Fixed chopchop attack against QoS packets.
aireplay-ng: Added Caffe-Latte attack.
aireplay-ng: Added CFrag attack: Turns every IP and ARP packet into an ARP request against the client.
airtun-ng: Added support for fragmented packets.
airdriver-ng: Updated drivers.
airserv-ng: Various fixes.
airmon-ng: Added nl80211 usage.
airmon-ng: Use 'iw' when it is found.
airmon-ng: Fixed error with madwifi-ng when creating new VAP.
wesside-ng: Added option to ignore ACKs.
OSdep: Fixed endieanness bugs.
OSdep: Orinoco: attempt to bring interface down before switching to monitor mode.
All: Added copyright and GPL in missing files.
All: Fixed compilation on Mac OSX 10.5.2 (PPC).
GUI: Fixed "Choose" button (airdecap-ng).
Makefile: Fixed usage of iCC versions other than 9.0.
patches: Updated rtl8187 patch.
patches: Updated madwifi-ng patch.
patches: Updated sqlite patch (cygwin).
patches: Added mac80211 frag patch.
patches: Added b43 and updated bcm43xx patches.

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